Editing fiction is like using your fingers to untangle the hair of someone you love.

– Stephanie Roberts



Why I’m Doing This

Having proofread, reviewed, and judged several (300+) novels in the WLW genre, I noticed a common thread of inadequate copy editing. So I decided to do something about it and signed up for the copy editing course offered by the University of Cape Town. Believe me, it was tough and very thorough. After I had  been out of the habit of studying for several years, it was hard to get back on the horse. However, my determination and perseverance prevailed. Now I can offer my services to you, an indie author, at less cost to your pocket.

What I Can Do For You

The usual grammar, punctuation, correct word usage, finding plot loopholes, tailored editing or proofreading.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dor on all three of my published novels, where she served as a proofreader. She has performed in conditions when a quick turnaround of the project was required and she has always made herself available when needed. She is timely, resourceful, honest and provides quality feedback. I will be requesting her services for my future literary endeavours.”

– Milena McKay

“Dor has a keen eye for detail! She’s been a beta reader and proofreader for many of my novels. Even after passing through several rounds of edits, she still manages to find even the smallest oversight! This is surely a talent that not many possess. Highly recommend using Dor’s proofreading services. I’m sending her my next mms now!

– Max Ellendale

“As an author, it’s imperative to have your work as clean as possible before you send it to be published. My usual port of call for proofing was closed to me this time. But Dor was graceful enough to step in at the last minute and help me out. Dor was quick. Everything laid out perfectly so that I could find the error and fix speedily. I will definitely be working with Dor again on future projects and highly recommend her proof reading talents.”

– Claire Highton-Stevenson

“I absolutely loved working with Dor on my latest novel. She’s clear and concise. Her proofread was thorough and her turnaround time blew me away. A proofread is an important investment for making your book the best it can be!”

– Lucy Bexley

“Dor has done a great job when proofreading my books. She is thorough and finishes in a timely manner. I will certainly be using her services again..”

– Elle Armstrong





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