Off The Wall Words 13

Extirpate means to destroy completely and is often, though not exclusively,  used to refer to animal or plant populations.

Gloaming is the darker part of twilight.

Lacrymose describes someone who cries frequently or something that causes people to cry.

Circumforaneous means wandering from place to place.

Ineluctable is a formal word meaning unable to avoid, change, or resist.

Words that came into popular use in 2023 from the International Express January 10 2024

Heat storms describe successive days of extremely hot weather, high humidity and global boiling. This term has been employed by United Nations Antonio Gutrrres.

Regenivore is a person who tries to restrain the damage done to the environment through their choice of foods.

A sustanatarian a person who only eats food produced to cause limited damage to the environment.

Fitspiration describes the motivation to maintain or enhance one’s health and fitness.

Mind gym refers to a place with classes and treatments that improve one’s mental health.

Soil bathing is the immersing of one’s body in wet earth to improve one’s mental health and promote well-being.

Algiarism is the process of using Artificial Intelligence.

Gassed means feeling exhausted.

Chorebots are robots that can do housework, laundry and shopping.

Nomophobia is the fear of being unable to or without one’s mobile phone.

Girl dinner is a simple meal that a woman makes for herself.

Uptyping means starting a romantic relationship with someone who isn’t the sort one normally finds attractive.

Rust out a feeling of extreme boredom and lack of enthusiasm from not having sufficient interesting work to do.

Blocko is a large outdoor party held by the residents of a block or neighbourhood.

Bed rotting is the habit of spending a lot of time in bed relaxing.



Off The Wall Words 12

Here are some witchy Halloween words for you:

Necromancy means the conjuration of the spirits of the dead to reveal the future or influence the course of events magically.

Goety is black magic or witchcraft in which the assistance of evil spirits is invoked.

Bruja is a witch or sorceress.

Diablerie black magic or sorcery.

Lamia is a female demon or vampire.

Gramarye necromancy, magic or enchantment.

Off The Wall Words 11

Homespun refers to plain cloth but is often used to describe something as rustic.

Catercorner is used as both an adverb and an adjective to describe things that are situated in a diagonal or oblique position. this is a less common variant of kitty-corner.

A hummock is a small round hill or mound.

Leonine means relating to resembling a lion.

Bodacious means very good or impressive.

Off The Wall Words 10

Adjure to urge or advise earnestly or solemnly command to do something as if they are under oath or a penalty or curse.

Serendipity means being lucky something happens or finding something of great value without looking for it.

Pell-mell means in a confused and hurried way or in confusion or disorder.

Motley means made up of many different people or things as in motley crew. It can also be used to describe variegated colour.

Hornswoggle means to trick or deceive someone.


Off The Wall Words 9

Mawkish means exaggeratedly or childishly emotional.

Fustigate means to criticize severely.

Chanfron means plated armor covering a horse’s head.

Bilious means angry or bad-tempered: could also be used to describe someone as sickeningly unpleasant to look at.

To augur is to show or suggest, especially from omens, that something might happen in the future. Augur is often followed by an adverb (such as well).

Outcast by KJ

5 stars

The latest book from KJ is wonderful. I loved all the Australianism throughout mixed with the unpronounceable names of the Breulian characters, thanks for the guide. The smile on my face was there continuously with every page and I burst out laughing at some places. However, the story had an important message about politics and the environment. The theme threading through the book was ‘balance’. When the elements are in balance then all is well. I recommend this book which is a little different than this author’s previous work.

Off The Wall Words 8

Avuncular meaning like an uncle, kind or friendly like an uncle.

Decorous means complying with a conventional standard.

Transmogrify means changing something with a jarring or humourous effect.

Lycanthropy means to have the ability to take the form and characteristics of a wolf by witchcraft or magic.

Outrecuidance means extreme self-conceit.