What Is Editing?

About Dor

What I can do for you: is the usual, grammar, punctuation, correct word usage, finding plot loopholes, tailored editing and proofreading. I will submit a style sheet unique to your manuscript, not just the Chicago Manual of Style or Associated Press Style Guide or even, The Elements of Style but a style sheet for your book so that your proofreader can refer to it and do the best job possible.

Dedicated to Women Loving Women authors, with a particular interest in independent authors.

Tailored editing to the marketplace into which you wish to sell your books, UK or USA.

About Amy

As a child, my mom cultivated a love of Reading.  She read a book to us at bedtime and was constantly taking us to the library, where I would run amok among the shelves finding things to read.  It was there, I found the mythology section and a first love started.  Few years later, my grandfather handed me Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and my second love began.   I also do have a soft spot for HEA romances, bonus when they are in the horror or sci-fi/fiction genre. 

I graduated from University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, with emphasis on English.    


Types of editing:

The term editing covers many different things. In terms of the written word, the term is expanded and can refer to developmental editing, copy editing, or line editing.

Developmental editing is an overview of your manuscript looking for problems in plot development, point of view (POV) switching, and how best to present the material of your manuscript. Looking at the dialogue to see if it fits with the character, checking that the writing is showing not telling and if there is consistency throughout the book regarding character quirks, disability, sexual orientation and chosen pronouns. This type of editing should be completed before the manuscript is submitted for line editing.

Copy editing is otherwise known as line editing or mechanical editing. This consists of punctuation, grammar, spelling, text editing and word organization.

What is an editor?

An editor is an advocate for the reader but also a guide to the author. The manuscript is yours, the author, and always will be. We will walk down the road, towards the best book we can produce together. There will be twists and turns, bumps and unexpected meetings, but we will get there. I have a map so do not fear, we will not get lost on this journey together.


This will be the final procedure in the process. It is advised that your proofreader should be a different person from your editor. My experience in this area takes concentration and an eye for detail. Both of which come from my scientific background.


Qualifications – Dor


  • Certificate of Copy Editing from the University of Cape Town
  • Reading and reviewing of women loving women for 2 years
  • Member of the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS)
  • Judge for GCLS in 2020 and 2021
  • BSc. Honours in Biology
  • Higher National Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science

Qualifications – Amy


  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts emphasis on English

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